19 December 2007

Meezer rule 8

** Scroll down for my Gotchaversary post from yesterday! **

Today for Meezer rule day I would like to discuss ribbons and bows. Yes, they are there to make the package pretty. I know that.

My rule for the day is this: If you do not want me to chew on the ribbons and bows, then put the presents out of reach for me. If you lay them on the ground under the tree they are fair game and, as a house cat I simply MUST chew them to add my own decorative touch.

18 December 2007

Party like it is 1999!!

Wowser! I can not believe that today is my 8th Gotchaversary!!! That means I have been with Mommy for 8 years or 96 months or 416 weeks or 2935 days! I came to my furrever home December 18, 1999! Zowie that is bunches and I have loved every minute of it!! Okay, every minute except any car trips or V-E-T visits, or when we moved into the new house, but that is a different story for another time.

I think I will tells you the story about how Mommy and me came to be a family…. It started with a tragedy. On December 13, 1999, Mommy had to have Pookie put down because unbeknownst to her, he was in the final stages of renal failure. Mommy was distraught and very, very sad. She held Pookie as he took his final breath and lovingly buried him in the back yard of her parents’ home. She bought a St. Francis statue to be his grave marker that has a small bird feeder attached. That way he would always have the birdies he loved so much near him. Mommy told me she missed Pookie something fierce and that her heart was breaking. She did not think she wanted another kitty.

But on December 18th, something made her decide to go to the humane society. She went and visited all the kitties who needed a furrever home. She played with them, snuggled and gave them skritches. She decided then that she needed a new kitty to love. She did not care if it was a kitten or an older kitty. She said she just knew that she had a lot of kitty love to give and a warm, cozy home with toys, food, water, affection and attention. But to Mommy’s disappointment she could not decide on a kitty and none of them “picked” her either. She was about to leave when the office manager came to speak to her.

Mommy told the office manager the story of Pookie. She then led Mommy into her office. There on the bulletin board was a photo of Pookie!! Along with it was a copy of his last will and testament where he left his estate to the humane society for kitties less fortunate than he had been. Mommy cried over that. But the office manager had another surprise in store for her. She wanted to introduce her to a kitty that was found in the Hermitage/Mt. Juliet area on December 13th (the day Pookie died). Mommy was a little taken aback because she lived in that area at the time. So the office manager went and fetched a 6 month old Meezer that they were going to keep as the office pet. The office staff had named this Meezer Precious. Well Precious just climbed up on Mommy’s lap, lifted her nose to Mommy’s ear and would not quit purring! Mommy got picked by a kitty!! It was love at first sight for all involved! Mommy paid the adoption fee and off we went…

Yes, I was once a humane society stray named Precious. Now I am a bonafide, certified house cat named Scout. My name comes from Mommy’s favorite book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I did not know that there was a guide book for kitties that taught you how to do that, I just thought it was instinct!

So that is my Gotchaversary story of how I came to be Mommy’s evil Siamese. I am happy in my furrever home and I loves my Mommy and Daddy very much! I am pampered, petted, groomed, fed, spoiled, but mostly I am loved a whole, whole lot!!

Mommy’s note: Scouty, I am so glad that we belong to each other! You have been a joy and are a great kiki. You always make me feel happy when you head butt, snuggle, purr, knead and love on me. You have excellent kitty communication skills and are always willing to chat with me. I enjoy that you are a lap kitty and like to beach yourself on me when I am sitting at the desk or in my chair. I get happy when we get ready for bed each night and go through our evening ritual of tucking one another in. I am proud to be your Mommy! I love you!

10 December 2007

Meezer Monday 6

Here is another “tail” of those who came before me…..

Mommy had a kitty that was a seal point Himalayan named Pookie. According to her he was not too bright but was a sweet, lovable boy. Pookie had several interests with one of the oddest being his affinity for smelly candles. He adored them and, when not burning, would nuzzle up to them and sniff away. He wasn’t too particular about scents either. He was equal opportunity.

Well one time Mommy lit a bunch of balsam pine scented candles around Christmas time. She did this as she was chatting away with a friend on the phone whom she had not spoken to in quite some time. Once Pookie realized there were smell candles available for the sniffing, he bolted up onto the counter where they were. That is when Mama heard a funny sizzling sound and then smelled that awful smell of burning hair! Pookie’s right set of whiskers (both by his nose and his “eyebrows”) were beginning to curl! He jumped down and began to run. Mommy told her friend (and I quote) “I have to go. My cat is on fire” and hung up the phone! She started up the stairs after Pookie who was sitting by his water bowl panting. He was a little singed around the rough of his fur but otherwise okay. Mommy had to do a little trimming to get the crispy parts of the fur away.

Mommy said the irony of the story is that this was not the first, nor the second but the THIRD time Pookie had done that! Pookie went over the bridge 8 years ago this week. I would have liked to have met my big brother the "pyromaniac".

07 December 2007

fifteen on friday

Today I should like to tell you fifteen things I like about this time of year. Before I do, I want to effury kitty Merry Christmas!! I know it is early, but I wanted to makes sure I got that message out to you all!

1. The boxes under the tree make purrfect places to relax.
2. The bows are fun to shred and chew!
3. Those shiny balls on the tree are fun to WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! Even when Mommy says “Stop it, Scout”.
4. There is a stocking over the fireplace with MY NAME on it! That means I will get temtayshuns or something else good just for me!
5. Mommy does extra cooking this time of year and there is always something tasty for me to nibble. She says I am her sous chef and taste-tester. That makes me happy!
6. Mommy has nice smelly candles burning and I likes that!
7. Mommy puts electric candles in the windows and I get to sit by them.
8. There is a funny little dressed up man sitting by the fireplace and I can talk to him all I want. Mommy says he is a nutcracker.
9. Mommy has not made me wear my Christmas scarf.... Yet...
10. I don't just have visions of sugar plums, I have sweet dreams of Henry Helton.
11. I love to meow along with all the music Mommy has playing.
12. There is fire going on in the fireplace and it makes for a toasty place to nap.
13. I know there will be milk and cookies out one night soon. I hope Santa does not mind if I "test" the milk for him...
14. I know at least one of the boxes under the tree is for me... I sit on it the most.
15. There is a package from Germany. I know it has lots of tasty treats in it. Whether or not I will get any remains to be seen.

What do you like about Christmas time? Let me know! I might learns something new to try out at home.

05 December 2007

Meezer rule 7

It is very important to always have a good spot to nap. If it is in the sunny spot, it is even better. If the sunny spot is not available then you have to improvise. That may mean being on the vent when the heater is on or beached on Mommy.

My Meezer rule for today is this:

Whatever you do, find prime real estate for your furry self. Even if it means “nesting” on Mommy’s duvet that just came back from the cleaners…

04 December 2007


I loves to eat! And I have been known to put my head in places it is not supposed to go. However, after reading this I am going to be much more careful!

03 December 2007

Meezer Monday 5

For Meezer Monday today, I am going to share another story of one who came before me… This time it is Judina, a tabby who lived with us when Mommy was a little girl. Mommy had three gold fishies named Winken, Blinken and Nod (from the child’s poem). One day, Winken disappeared. It upset Mommy. A bit later Blinken disappeared and eventually Nod. Mommy was never sure what happened to them; however, when she got older, Grandmama told her….

Grandmama found all three of them (one at a time) sucked dry under the dining room table. Apparently Judina liked her fishies very fresh! Grandmama said they looked flat, like Judina sucked the “juice” out of ‘em. Mommy has not has fishies since. That is too bad because I think I would likes them too!

30 November 2007

five on friday

Daddy’s little bean is here again. I have spoken of him here and here. Believe it or not, this time is not so bad. Today I am going to tell you five good things about the Bubbie...

1. He likes to brush me.
2. He is not chasing me this time.
3. He shared his vanilla ice cream with me.
4. He keeps my bowl of crunchies REALLY full.
5. He is good at pulling string.

Maybe I won't have to use any of these spots during his visit.

28 November 2007

Meezer rule 6

Since Thanksgiving is over and most of the leftovers have been eaten (not just by me, mind you), I thought I would tell you a rule about food left on a plate not watched by your (or any) beans...

If there are leftovers on a plate or if a plate is unattended and I get to it and steal a bite or three, I do not deserve to be yelled at for it. You are the one who was not guarding your food dish. It is not my fault that you left tempting goodies within the swipe of my lightening quick paw.


26 November 2007

Meezer Monday 4

For Meezer Monday, I want to share with you a story of Thanksgiving past. I am know I am a bit late but bear with me, please.

A few years ago, I had a kitty brother named Boo Radley. Boo was a wild child. He was an ankle biter, a hisser and had an odd habit of not wanting to put his paws on linoleum.

So, it is Thanksgiving and we are all at Grandmama’s house. This is before Mommy and Daddy were married so it was just Mommy and my grandparents, me and that crazy Boo Radley. Thanksgiving went on as usual. There were all the traditional tid bits and tasty treats for me and Boo. Of course it was all very nice!

Grandmama has a thing about stripping the turkey clean before putting away leftovers. She did this as she was cleaning up and there was a stripped down turkey carcass ready for the trash. Silly Boo kept looking at that carcass and meowing his fool head off. In one of those moments where you expect to see a cartoon light bulb over her head, Grandmama had an idea. She put that whole turkey carcass on the floor (linoleum, Boo’s favorite). He looked at her, looked at the turkey, back at her, etc. This went on for a moment or two when Boo had a realization…. It was all his!!! He commenced to chewing, eating, growling and even stuck his funny little head inside the turkey! Mommy watched him for about 15 minutes and said he looked like Mr. Bean. I don’t know who that is but it made Mommy laugh and laugh.

Mommy told me that eventually Boo was done. Or all that sleepy turkey druggy stuff kicked in because he fell asleep with one paw draped over the turkey. That is when Mommy took it from him and wiped off his lightly greased paws and head. He got over his fear of the kitchen floor then too.

Boo died suddenly in 2003. Mommy misses the crazy boy. I tolerated him as best I could but he was just so undignified that it is hard for a regal Meezer like me to put up with his shenanigans.

Count your blessing on Meezer Monday!

21 November 2007

Meezer rule 5

There are lots of interesting things around the house… Q-tips from the trash, little bits of string, bread twisties, you name it. Basically they are all little treasures and they are all mine!

My rule for today is that if it is in my mouth or if I am batting it around, it is mine. Please quit taking it from me.

20 November 2007


The fabulous Dr. Tweety of the Fab Five gave me an award!! I am so honored to receive this because Dr. Tweety makes me smile too! I am glad he thought of me.

Purrs to Dr. Tweety for this!

I am tagging the fabbo Myst and Muddy for this. Go see Muddy, he is sick!!

14 November 2007

Meezer rule 4

Yesterday another kitty snuck into my yard! My yard is MY territory and it is off limits unless you are an invited guest!

My rule for today is this:

It is okay to growl and hiss at other (uninvited) kitties in your territory. This is why beans call it a “hissy” fit. I know that because Mommy said so.

A bonus rule for today is it is okay to bite the hand that feeds you if they are tweaking your fanny too hard. Mommy says this is not true and that I am not supposed to give the bitey no matter what. Sometimes that is the only way I can communicate with her effectively though.

13 November 2007

Head butts

I am the queen of the head butt. I give them all the time. The first one of the morning is when Mommy’s alarm goes off. That means it is time for her to get up and pet me! It also (usually) means that there will be fresh crunchies in the bowl. Mmmm, crunchies!

I don’t get another chance again until Mommy comes home. As soon as I hear the garage door open I dash for the door to see Mommy come in. I tell her about my day and she bends down and gives me lovins! Then we go up the stairs so Mommy can get out of her work clothes. After that we usually check the status on crunchies and then the head buttin begins again. I will sit and head butt on Mommy’s lap for as long as she will let me. She always gets tired of this long before I do. But that’s okay because then Daddy will be home and it is his turn for a little kitty lovin.

Happy Scouty = Head Buttin love bug.

12 November 2007

Meezer Monday 2

One thing I wanna share with you on Meezer Monday is that family is important. It is good to know that my Mommy and Daddy love each other and me too! It makes for a happy, happy kitty to have a loving family life. It means I am more likely to get extra skritches!

Happy Meezer Monday!


07 November 2007

Meezer rule 3

I really likes to zip around the house…. Vroom!! Watch me go! Eat my furry dust!!

So without further adieu, my Meezer rule is that you absolutely, positively MUST beat any bean up OR down the stairs. It is important that you get there first. I have no idea why though….

05 November 2007

Meezer Monday 1

Happy Meezer Monday!

I am not really sure why Mommy thinks it is funny when I lay in different positions. Purrsonally I find this very comfy and relaxing.

02 November 2007

five on friday

Here are five things I plan on doing today…

1. Find the sunny spot and sleep in it (while dreaming of Henry Helton).
2. Find the pink mouser I whapped under the fridge.
3. Sneak around looking for temtayshuns.
4. Beach myself on Mommy when she gets home.
5. Stare out the window looking for LIZARDS!!

What fun plans do you have for Friday?

01 November 2007

I only hunt bugs...

When Mommy showed me this it made me glad I only hunt bugs! Okay, I admit I also hunt my nip mousers, feet that move under covers, string, shadows, and my favorite... LIZARDS!!!!!

31 October 2007

Meezer rule 2

Happy Halloween everyone! I am telling everyone my costume is a cat costume and that I am really a Chihuahua dressed as a Siamese. I have been practicing my bark…

My Meezer rule for today is this:

If there is something to drink in a glass and I can reach it by sticking my head into it, it is all mines! Slurp!

26 October 2007

Oh no's!!

After reading this I am glad I only drink water or milk!!

Hanging with Mommy

Here is a photo of me. I am hanging out on one of my favorite spots which is Mommy’s chair. If I position myself just right I take up most of the arm of the chair and part of Mommy’s lap. Mommy says I beach myself on her. I don’t even know what that means; however, I am in an optimum place for skritches and that is always an important thing! If I stay still Mommy will usually brush me too and that is very good. I love the way that wiry brush feels on my furs! When I have had enough, I just put a bitey on the brush and Mommy knows I am done. She is well trained that way.

Doesn’t Mommy’s eye look much better? She still says she is going as Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas for Halloween. Since I don't know who that is, I really don't care unless Fergie has temptayshuns!!!

25 October 2007

thurzday thirtene

Here is a list of 13 things I knocked off the dresser, counters and tables yesterday:

1. Mini enamel teapots
2. Candle
3. Piece of hard candy (and it did not taste good to me).
4. A button
5. The staple remover
6. A spoon
7. A napkin
8. Mommy's reading glasses
9. The remote control
10. A sticky note (that got stuck to my paw and skairt me).
11. A pen
12. Something Mommy calls a knick-knack
13. A q-tip (fun to play with afterward!).

24 October 2007

Meezer rule 1

I knocked a lot of stuff off of the dresser yesterday. It felt good. It made me feel alive… That is until Mommy got home and saw all her knick-knacks Scouty whacked…. Mommy collects mini enamel teapots and they make a nice noise when you smack them and the little tops of them go flying! Wheeeeee! Plus when I sit up there I am tall.

Mommy tells me I am a “floor cat” and that I am supposed to stay off of the counters and tables. Where is the fun in that I ask you? I much prefer being up on things even if it is against the rules.

Cause the meezer rule is this.... I am a meezer cat. It is my job!

23 October 2007

Still bored...

Today I am bored. Bored as can be. Bored as a box of rocks. I am tired of the rain and I need something to do. I can't see lizards in the rain.

I think I will knock something off of the dresser. That's the ticket! That should be fun.

22 October 2007

It's raining, it's pouring, I am snoring...

It is raining here. Raining good and hard. Mommy says it is excellent weather for a nap... Silly Mommy, ANY weather is good for a nap!

If it keeps up, I might need to see if Henry Helton will come over and bring this to keep us dry....

Henry makes me purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr!

19 October 2007

News you can use

I am not sure I believe this. It does not sound like any dog or cat I know....


I am bored. Bored, bored, bored. I just swatted my last mousie under the thing that gets hot and another under the box that makes things cold. I can’t push the button on the red thingee. No one is here to pull string for me. The sunny spot has moved to the wall and I can’t figure out how to climb onto it.

It ain’t easy being me.

18 October 2007

Not much to say

I really don’t have much to say today. It is raining in Nashville and Mommy told me that is good even thought I really don’t think so. I am not too keen on water unless it is in my bowl and has plenty of ice cubies floating in it for my drinking pleasure.

This photo is from Easter. It is of Mommy looking at me from the window at her parents’ home. My Grandmama and Grandpapa always scoot the chair next to the window for me so I can look outside and check for lizards (mmmmm, lizards) and watch the hummingbirdies. I like that bunches!

Speaking of the hummers, they are soooo quick and sound like they have little jet engines attached to them! Vrooooom! I think they are too fast for me and that I probably would not be able to catch one. Plus they are too small for a meal… Oops, maybe I should learn to think before I type…

Anyhoo, enjoy the picture and have a nice day!

17 October 2007

Lizards rule!

Lizard, lizard, where for art thou?

Oh, I see you!! You are on my deck and you brought a friend! Two for the price of one! You ought to be very happy that I am not tall enough to reach the lock and open the door… Then I would chase you and chew on you and possibly even bunny kick you!

Instead I sit inside while you taunt me with your lizardy goodness!

Mmmmmmm, lizards!

16 October 2007

Back in the saddle again…

Mommy is doing much better after her accident and follow-up time in front of the flashy thingee. She sends a big thank you to all of you for your purrs and head butts. She said aside from the head butts that actually connected with the eye, life is good even if her eye looks like something out of my litter box.

Today she finally remembered to leave the lap top open for me. I know I do not technically have a lap; however, I am getting pretty good at this typing thing with my paws. Occasionally I have to use my nose or tail, but that is another story.

I really do not have much to say, I just wanted to post so I could tell all my buddies out there “meow”… Especially the very handsome Henry Helton who really revs my engine and makes me purrrrrrr!!!

11 October 2007

Mommy looks funny part deux...

I told you before that Mommy had an accident and now she has posted the the pictures to show the world...

I don't care what she looks like because I am definitely a Mommy's girl...

08 October 2007

Mommy looks funny!

I have been in bed with Mommy since Saturday night. She had an accident. I've been giving her love but she is not doing so good. She said she is going back to work tomorrow so I guess that means I get the bed to myself...

03 October 2007

Desktop meme

I was tagged by the handsome Henry Helton {purr, purr, purr} to do the desktop meme. My desktop is a photo of Daddy and Mommy saying "prosit" which is "cheers" in German. The photo is from their trip to Berlin earlier this year. (Daddy was born and raised in Germany).

Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop.It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. Here’s how you can do a screen capture:

1.Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).

2.Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and doing a Paste (CTRL + V). If you wish, you can “edit” the image before saving it.

3.Post the picture on your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop if you want. You can explain why you prefer such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.

4.Tag friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktops as well. I tag:


30 September 2007

christmas meme

The Christmas Meme

I was tagged by my very attractive friend, Henry Helton for the Christmas Meme. It is just around the corner, you know?!

What is your favorite gift?
Tuna please... However, I also enjoy nibbling on the ribbons and bows. Don't tell Mommy, please.

What is your best memory of Christmas?
Climbing into the tree and chewing on an ornament. Mommy looked for the photo for me so I oould post it but she could not find it.

Depending on where you live, do you have a hot or cold Christmas?
We have had record heat and drought here in Nashville. Usually it is cold at Christmas. It's been so hot I forgot what cold feels like... Unless I sit on the air vent which makes Mommy laugh.

Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least once?
No, I usually like the weather in Tennessee. Particularly during lizard season!

What do you prefer in a tree, fake or real?
Real. They smell nice and are easier to climb.

What is your favorite carol?
Mommy said Burnett... I don't even know what that means...

What is your favorite Christmas Dinner?
Do I even have to answer that?! I am sticking with Henry's answer.

Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas?
I only wear a pretty Christmas collar. Hats and I do not get along.

Have you seen Santa delivering gifts?
I tried to climb into the fire place once and Mommy yelled at me. I haven't tried again since. I do not usually stay up late.

I am tagging my awesome friend TT.

25 September 2007

I am not ready for football no matter what Hank says...

Here are some reasons I do not like football:

It makes mommy yell

When mommy jumps out of her chair I fall off of her lap.

I don’t like beer and that is what mommy drinks during games.

Daddy asks too many questions. Mommy says this is because where he grew up football is soccer. I don’t even know what soccer is and I really don’t think I care because it would probably make daddy yell and that is scary too.

The phone rings a lot. Usually it is mommy’s parents wanting to know if she saw what they saw on tv. I don’t like phones. Too loud.

There is no tuna fish involved. Mommy had something she called nachos but they were crunchy with cheese and something green and strong smelling on them. I only eat green grass when the mood hits me and I need to throw up.

Mommy said there are teams with kitty mascots but I am not sure I believe her. Would that be the San Antonio Siamese? Maybe then I could watch.

Does anyone know when the craziness ends? There was football on at the house Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. That was three days of torture.

Mommy says it’s all good cuz her team won last night. I guess that makes it a bit better. Maybe I will get temtayshuns for putting up with her silliness.

21 September 2007

five on friday

since i missed thursday thirteen this week i thought i would give you my five favorite friday activities

1. in the sunny spot
2. crunching on the science dietsleeping
3. knocking around the nip mouser
4. bunny kicking a stuffed animal or three
5. looking out the door (gotta keep an eye out for lizards)

i am glad it is friday because that means mommy and daddy will be home with me and there is a better chance of tuna and temtayshuns!! yummy!

18 September 2007


i was attacked. not by a vishus annymul but by frozen water. i have a medal i wear around my collar (yes, i am a prissy girl) and when mommy put fresh cubies in my water i had to go take a drink right away... well one thing lead to another some of the cubies got stucked on my medal!!

i looked up at mommy and then i shook my head really hard and a cubie flew off. there were still three more stuck to me. i had to walk with my front paws really far apart so the cubie would touch me as little as possible. at this point mommy started laughing at me. that hurt my feelings but i was more concerned about getting the cubie off my collar.

i shook my head hard again... nothing. mommy hollered for daddy at this point who came running down the stairs. i shook my head again and presto! no more cubie!! daddy was sorry he missed the show and laughed when mommy told him what happened.

humiliation aside, i got some temtayshuns for it. that makes for a happy ending.

13 September 2007

nice matters

the very handsome henry helton nominated me for the nice matters award... as if he doesn't make me purr enough...


i am nominating my friend TT and my other friend Daisy the fashion-plate. They are both very nice girls and i would love to meet them both!!


mommy has been sad lately. she has what she calls "the blues". i sit on her lap and purr, purr, purr and she gives me skritches and give her head butts. she tells me she loves me but she has been so sad. daddy does all he can to make her feel better too.

please go give her head butts so she will know everything is okay. it’s been rough enough that daddy had to help me with the ‘puter today.

thurzday thirtene

Here is a list of 13 toyz I like:

1 nip mousie!!
2 string
3 assorted bugs that get in the house
4 my pink fuzzy ball
5 my shadow
6 whatever moves under the covers
7 the big bear on the bubbie’s bed
8 the ice cubies in my bowl
9 the red laser pointy thingee
10 my own tail (makes mommy and daddy laugh)
11 shoe strings
12 butterflies
13 lizards!! (my all time fave!!!!!)

11 September 2007

i haz a bad habit

i chews my paws... i hope henry helton still gives me purrs!!

i do not know why i do this.. mommy calls it a nervus habit... what do i have to be nervus about? i am an only kitty and am well loved, well fed and get lots of skritches. i just do this...

07 September 2007

hello, it's me

i am sorry i have not been around much lately. sometimes mommy closes the ‘puter when she is done and since i do not have thumbs i can not open it up to write. but today i noticed she left it up when she went to work so i thought i would take the opportunity to write a bit today and catch up on reading cuz i have not read any other kitty blogs in a week and i am behind.

today is going to be a good day becuz we iz supposed to get some rain. i really do not like water all that much (cept for in my bowl) but mommy sez we really do needs it becuz of the drowt in tennessee. so if it makes mommy happy, it makes me happy becuz a happy mommy is more likely to give me tuna to celebrate.

mmmmmm, tuna…..

ok, time for my nap, perchance to dream of tuna…..

30 August 2007

thurzday thirtene

Weird places mommy has founded me…

on top of her rain deer slippers (not like vishus deer)
in the pantry
in the cooler
in the flowers on the fud table
in the sink
in the dryer
in a bowl in the sink (that was tastee!)
in the ficus tree pot
in a bowl of rising dough (mommy was glad there was a towel on it or we’d still be picking dough off my fur)
in the suitcase
in the pajama drawer
in the bathtub (I like the way my nails click in there when I play hockey with the water bottle lid)
in the lap of a Paddington bear

mommy stopped me from climing into the fire place. I was lookin for santa.

29 August 2007

scattegories meme

i was tagged by clyde over at henry helton’s place for a meme.
so let’s play the scattergories meme. the rules are to Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made-up! try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. you CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.
What is your name? scout
4 letter word: there is a bad word but i will go with snak
Vehicle: scooter
TV Show: survivor
City: san antonio – this is where mommy was born
Boy Name: sam
Girl Name: sue
Alcoholic Drink: sake
Occupation: seamstress
Something you wear: shoes, ‘cept I don’t but mommy luvs them
Celebrity: spuds mckenzie
Food: steak (yum)
Something found in a bathroom: soap
Reason for being late: skool zone
Cartoon Character: sylvester the cat
Something You Shout: scuse me!!

this was kinda a difficult meme. i am not tagging anyone but if you wanna play along leave me a comment so I can go see.

pee ess: clyde please tell henry I said purr

catnip meme

daisy tagged me for a catnip meme. here’s how it workx…all you cats have to do is list 5 things you do whenever you're on the nip!

1. purr, purr, purr, purr, purr…. even more so if I am thinking of henry helton.
2. meow… a lot! since i am siamese i am already a chatty catty.
3. head butt the nip mousie
4. roll around with the nip mousie
5. bunny kick the nip mousie

i am not tagging anyone but if you wanna play along, leave me a comment so I can come see what you do!

26 August 2007

Mommy saw big lizzerds!!

Mommy raced jyent lizzerds. i wood have gone but it involved water. yuk.

for daisy and purr, purr, purr, henry helton, i have been bizzy lately and will do your memes this week.

16 August 2007

mittle name meme

i decided to play along with henry helton (purr, purr, purr) on a meme

1. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
2. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.
3. At the end of your post, choose one cat to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each kitty know they were tagged. However, you can always tag whatever kitty you want to tag.

my real name is jean louise (onlee win i is in T-R-U-B-B-L-E) but i am called scout like the kariktur in to kill a mockingbird.

L: loving. i am a love bug

O: obsessive/compulsive. i am a tad crazy

U: urgent. when i want something, i want it now!

I: i like me!

S: sleep. need i say more? (yawn, stretch)

E: eat. i like to eat. a lot. espshully tuna

if you wanna play, leave me a comment so i can come see.

15 August 2007

thurzday thirtene

i no its early...

here are 13 reezuns i am glad to be an onlee child and the Bubbie is gone. he brushed me but i do no like chillens...

1. attenshun. i get it all
2. all tuna is MINE!
3. i can hed but all i want
4. i get to sleep in the mittle
5. no one compeets for fud
6. no lowd noyses from the boy
7. no forts are bilt for me i hate that
8. no yelling
9. no stickee hands
10. the floor is dry in the bathroom after showers
11. no chassing
12. i do not have to wach sponge bob
13. i can come owt from under the bed

02 August 2007

thurzday thirtene

here is a list of 13 places to hide from little beans:

1. under the bed. obveeyus I know but stick wif what works.
2. under the cowch.
3. in the closet
4. behind the desk
5. behind the tv
6. under the big chair
7. on top of the refrijeratur
8. behind the big plant in the cornur
9. under the covers
10. in the bafroom kabnitt
11. under the dresser
12. in the room ware the little bean is not alloud
13. in mommy’s lap – the saftee zone!!

01 August 2007

i new mommy wud defend me!

mommy took matters into her own hands and tryed to chuw on the stickee bean. tanks mommy!! do not bite him too hard, pleze becuz you told him to put fud in my bole.

more reesuns i luv mommy!

oh, and she made him wash the stikee hands.

thanks mommy!!

now i can clime out from under the bed.

i think i deserve tuna.... lots and lots of tuna.

30 July 2007

hep me!!

oh no!! daddy's little bean is here!! he is six. he will be seven tomorow. i am older. he is stickee and likes to tuch me. mommy sed no hisses so i tries to run and hide but he finds me! then he tuches me with stickee hands. he is big too. almost as big as mommy (she is what beans call short). he bilds forts and makes a speshul room for me but i still needs to hide, hide, hide!!

he wants to tuch me, but like i sez, he is stickee!!

hep, hep, small blonde bean is in MY howse!! must go hide!!

27 July 2007

proverb meme

i was tagged by henry helton

It’s a proverb meme. Here is what a proverb is:

A proverb is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of mankind. They are often metaphorical.

my proverb is as follows:

give a kitty a fish and she eats today. give a kitty a can opener and she eats tuna everyday.

i think that is good cuz it means tuna, tuna, tuna!! yay!

A lot of kitties have been tagged already, but I think that I will tag TT, Daisy and Muddy.

26 July 2007

pet me!!

i am sitting here wayting to be petted. insted i get the flashee thingee poyntid at me! i am cute! pet me! give me a temtayshun! give my head skritches! give me a nip mouse! anything but the flashee thingee!

ok, done posing... time to head butt mommy...

22 July 2007

the mitee huntress

heer i am in the big outdores looking for stuff to chase. you can tell that it is like the forest or willdurness becuz of the big plants and grass. never mynd the wood behind me, that is the trees in the big outdores.

i am looking for lizzards, froggies and other things that are good to chase and possyblee yummy to my tummy.

shhhh, be vary qkwyet... i need to have all my centses on full alyrt!!! i will update you later if i get anything gud.

18 July 2007

eye see you!!

i see you wif my beeyoutifull blue eye!!

mommy haz brown eyes and daddy haz blue like me! so i gess you cud say i have my daddy's eyes. i am a daddy's gurl, but i am more a mommy's gurl. i sit in her lap all the tyme and like to snuggle wif her and sleep on her side of our bed. it is our bed cuz we all sleep in it. i am told that i take up the most room. i think that meens that i am the most importint!

look into my beeyoutifull blue eye and i will hipnotise you wif my simeze kitty mojo.

17 July 2007

Henry Helton nomunated me!!

i am soooooooooooo excited!! i gotz nomunated for an award by nu frind Henry Helton!! i am happy and am one smitten kitten me-ow!!

so here are the rules:

"As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability 'to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.' Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

Here are the rules: Each award winner is to display the badge on the sidebar of his blog with a link to the post which contains the explanation of the award, then nominate five bloggers to receive the award. This is the hard part, nominating five kitties. I think that all kitties have been nominated already, but I am going to go ahead and nominate some kitties even though they already have the award and they are
TT, Prince Muddy Paws, Max and Buddah and Maddie.

i did the cutz and payst from Henry Helton's blog sews all the spelling is korrekt.

nu alirt to wach owt for!!

i lirned abowt the awful vishus tertuls from Skeezix. thank you for making all of us awear of the evil tertuls!

i wanted to tell everyone abowt anudder threat on kitties.... monkeees!!! aparintly they are steeling things in korea. i do not want my fancee collur snatched!!

everybody needz to be rilly carefull of vishus deer, vishus tertuls and theefing monkeees! tell all your frends!!

15 July 2007

showin off my collur

my frend Skeezix left a commint for me bowt my collar maching my pritty blue eyes. so i thot i wud put a foto showing how fansee it rilly iz wif the sparkily dimonds.... so vary pritty if i do say so myself.

foto shute

i was nappin (watt's nu?) and then all the sudden i reeched owt. mommy thot i wuz askin for the flashee thingee. so she pikt it up and we had a small sesshun.

heer i am lookin glamerus, dont you agree?

i wuz movin and mommy took this won...

i desided to lay back down...

why did mommy take this foto?!

12 July 2007

thurzday thirtene

today i will share wif you in bloggyland 13 thingz I wud like to do on my somer vakayshun.

1. go shopping for tuna
2. katch a lizzard.
3. nap
4. play wif my nip mowse
5. wach da birdees
6. look out da winders
7. eat tuna
8. take anudder nap
9. find da sunnie spot
10. run arownd for no aparint reazon
11. cleen beehind my eers
12. cach the red dot on the wall and floor
13. dreem abowt ware mommy hidez the temtayshuns

hey, i just relized i can do all this at home! that is gud cuz i do not like to ride in the awtomobeel.

11 July 2007

i am an onlee kitty

i do not haf brudders and sissies. for those of you that do, i thot i wood give you a linky dinky do to hep you wif the new adishun.

i hope mommy does not reed this and get iny brite idears!! hint, hint, hint.

if she doz get anudder kitty, i get tuna every day to kompinsate me for mintal dis tress. i will even haf da v-e-t rite a note to say so.

lookie here!

mommy maniged to yoos the flashee thingee to take this foto of my taysty frend. okay, to be onist, i do not rilly no if is taysty but i wood not mind finding out!!

it wuz just too kwik for me. dang!

Daisy sez the tayels are grisselee. I wud like to no taht for myself, thank you vary much.

I hope you injoy mommy's foto of my fewture snak, ur, i mean "friend".

10 July 2007

a tail of 2 kitties

mommy red me a storee that skairt me a liddle.... i think i is gonna wach owt for boxes for awile.

dis wood me me run to!

07 July 2007

i like chikken, not this....

git it off me. i like lizzardz and tuna, not "foul" thingz. hep me! i think i am beeng attakd!!

give me nip or give me.... TUNA!!!

y is a stufed anymal gitting me? y is mommy using the flashee thingee and laffing? i need a momint.

pardun me wile i make frends wif my lytter box.

Kermit invaded my territory!!!!

furst he tryd to excape by climming away. did not worx. i still kept sniffin and chassin. i just wanted a littel tayst. no chuwing. just a tayst or fife. stoopid froggy wood not couoperate. reptilez are silly that way.

and it jumpz!!! taystee and jumpy yay!!!!

it mooved agin.

mommy wuz upsit i wood not stay rownd the flashee thingee to be in the foto. sorry mommy!

the best part wuz win it jumped onto daddy's head. kool!

stil did not get to tayst it. silly kermit.

05 July 2007

thurzday thirtene

todaze thirteen iz bout thingz i likes to eet...

1. tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna
2. syence dyet cat fud
3. filay minyon
4. temtayshuns
5. tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna
6. pizza krust
7. cheez
8. whatevver is on mommy's plate
9. lizzards... ok, i have not eeten one.... yet....
10. sketti
11. i's creme
12. turkee at thxgiving
13. did i mention i like tuna?

04 July 2007

i dragged da lap top under da bed

i iz skairt. there are fire boomers going all round my howse. skairt, skairt, skairt. i has a rige of fuzz going on my back. mommy callz it my dynosar. skairt, skairt, skairt. lotz of big noyses. do not like and it needz to stop cuz i donot know if my hart can take much more.

do not think i like today vary much. skairt!

mommy shud bring tuna to me as tharipee.

did i menshun i am skairt?

happy indypindance day!

mommy sez today is a holly day and that is why she and daddy are home wif me. she sez today is America's birfday but i do not sees any cake. i thought that there was cake at birfday partyz. maybe there will tuna instead. mmmmmm, tuna.

this is me looking outs the door. i am checking for lizzards. lizzards need to be chased and i am the rite cat for the job. i am not too sertin the lizzards like tho but that is the lizzards problem.

have a safe and happy holly day. if you have fire boomers please do not come around my house. i do not like lowd noises cept for me lowd meow. thats different.

28 June 2007

thurzday thirtene

My new friend, Daisy doez this each week and todays me thouts i'd play along to...

1. me thinks tunas shud be revered as godz.
2. vackyooms shud be ill eagle.
3. win i bites the brush u needz to stop.
4. do lizzards taste like chickun?
5. why does the ice cubbies disappearz from my water?
6. hoo keeps cleaning out my box? i just made a deposit.
7. luminum foyel is bad.
8. ware did all teh mousies go?
9. i am cat, natures huntur.
10. why cant i claw on the furnycher?
11. get the othur cat offa my deck!
12. hummingbirdies iz faaaaaast! vroooom!
13. what iz rong wif nappin 22 hourz a day?

26 June 2007

simun sez

momy suggestd taht i onlee uze teh small letterz cuz it makestuf ezier 2 read. i thot bout it adn she iz rite. that way idonot hafta uze taht shifty butten and itiz mcuch simplyer 4 me todoo. momy alwayz trys2 help me out 2m ake thingz ez. that iz anuther reasun me luvs momy! well that and tuna in my fud bole.

on a seprete note nolizzard today becuz of rain. thare iz always 2morrow, after all 2morrow iz anothur day...

25 June 2007

RoUnd BroWn MoUnd of SoUnd

I be a TaD bit pudgEE. And i liKes 2 meow. I likES it aLot! SumtiMez i meow juSt 2 besure i sTiLl can. SumTimez itz becuz me liKes the souNd of my oWn meow. OthEr times itis BeCuz tHe fUd bole is EmPty. BaD wIn that happEns. EmPty bole = HunGree, SaD, maD, Scout. ThAt is waRe I gotz tHe naMe the evil Siamese.

20 June 2007


I haz a CoFF. It is kiNDa wurryin MoMy. She sez i mITe be a goin to the VeT. ThAt is a scarey, ScArEy plaCe anD i donwaNNa go.

Buy i hAz a coFf.

I stIll be a luV muFFin cuz I doNot feel 2 gud.

19 June 2007

DubBle duBBle tOil and TruBBle

StiLL a lUv muFFin.... All Smuggledup anD waiTin 4 moRe.

I wiLL eventaLLy DrOOl....

I LuV b ing a KiTTy.

I ROCK (and RoLL).

liZzards B dammed.

18 June 2007

I be a LuV muFFin

I jsut be SNUGGLIN wif Momy and I B loVin everyminit Of it......

No liZZard, no buGGies, no tuna...

Just Hanginwif Momy....

Life is gUd.

12 June 2007

I gots nuttin'

I wus bOaRD 2day and donot Have netHINg 2 say.

No LiZZurds 2 chase anD no BugS 2 cHEw. I B 1 boARd kiki...

I got nuTTin heRe.

11 June 2007

i be a Bit DisTUrbeD

I didnot KacH teh LiZZard. Itis DisTuBBing 2 me.

MayB 2morrrow. LizaRds r gUd 2 chaSe. I donot nO hOW They tASte. I likE tuNa and scince Diet beSt. SuM buGs are ok 2.

LiZArd ALurt

YESturdayy i saw nOt 1 but 2 lizArds! Xsited? U becha! MoRe 2 chasse aROund and antagonIzxe. GrATe fuN by me!

Even butter, tHey weer the BlaCK kindwiththeBluetAIL. 1 weNt unduR teh da haus aNd me ThinKs I neEd to go undur AfTer the beaSt. Momy said No Scout to meoWs teLLing her i need toGo af tur LizArd.


09 June 2007

AvOYdin tHes unni SpOt

Itis VarY HOT ouTisde... I fOund me Sum shhadE 2 ReSt mys self. UsallY i lIke 2lay N teh ssunnispot wehn i Am inSiDe "da haus" but 2dayy itis 2 dARN hot.

I thINk i neEds a Nap.

08 June 2007


MoMy sez i lUk likea vulture. SHe sezz taHt is a buRd. HelLO peepul! I like 2 EaT buRds and idonot tHiNK i lOOkl ike 1. wHat do u tiHnk? DrOP me alIne annd lEt me KnoW waHt u tihink. VulTure oR cat?

I am CaT, NaTurEsHuNTer!!

07 June 2007

MI wUrd of tha DaY...

DaDy is jerMan and LiKe myMomy duz ONHer blOg, im doiNg a wUrD 4 2day...

ITis der Thunfisch aNd ofCorsethat is TUNA!!! Taht isthe BesTest FuD everr!!!

If oNLy i cud herE tah can oPENer thEn myl ifee wood B ssoo guD!!

06 June 2007

Thought you should see what I am doing today...

I no MoMY has a MeoWGrain but i STiL waNNa go outside. I toluraIDed haviNg my pictur toOK Bcuz it gotthedoor 2 OpeN anD taht is vary vary GOOD Bcuz it maens chassing LiZARds! Go me!

SoRRy Momy is SicK but she sTil put fUD in my bowl and waTER with ICecUBEs n it 2. MoMy wiLL problY goto bed soOn and i waNNa cuRl up with HeR.

05 June 2007

LiTTl#E mISs PuksalOT waNts SuM LUv

If U reED tHis, pLeasE maKe a coMMEnt cuZ Ilo ve Herring FrOm PeePul... I knOw it is BeGGing but i 8 (and puKEd up) teh beeTle 2day and i wan tsomee atTenshUn. AnD to quotE the soNg, "aint2prowd 2 beG"....

ThInk i need 2throwup a Gain. It wus a REAlY big buG. Jsut ask Momy... ORe teh cArpEt.... wOOlite any1?

PukKInG taks alot ouTof a Grll

THRoWing UP tEh bug took ALoT of eforT and i am reLy TIrED! Naptime 4 EverY1!

I now tHInK teh onlee Beatle I liKe is JOrGE. tHEOtHer 3 r o k 2.

I 8 a bug....

I was bord, itw as tehere beGIng 4 me 2 eat it. It was crunchee. If it ddi not WaNT me 2 eat it it sshud have run faster. I am cat, natures huNTEr... Beeware!! U caNNot say i didntwarn u.

Thats aLL ive got - time to NaP with a beLLy fullof buG.

UPDATE 6:11p (CST) - Momy camehome 2 FinD the bug REmaINs at the FoOt of stares... It jsut WoOd nots tay down...

StOOpid BuG.

04 June 2007

Lookin' like a pRInSeSS

I am stylin and profilin... I look SaSSY!! This is what im talkin bout cuz i think i look gud... U canno tsee my flabee parts and taht makes me one happy kiki.

Now taht i am done with my cvoershot i ThiNK i wilL go chase a liZArd... That is how i am WoRKinG on the flab... 1 lizard ata time.

03 June 2007

What's a kitty gotta do for a nap round here?

I got 2 go out 4 a bit. Cahsing lizards is HaRD work and i am pooped out. I wint to lay on the Bubie's bed and cach a few Zzzzzz's

Lo and bEhOLd, here comes Momy with the camara and itk ept flashing and it enterupted nap time.

At lease i look prety...

I want 2 go outsiDe!!

Whats teh deal with the screan door?! I wanna go OUTSiDE!! Their r lizards that rekwire chasing and i am jsut the kitty 2 do it. Curse the screan door!! If i could i woOd claw and naw my way tHRu it to cahse lizards.

I do not wnat 2 eat it, just chase... but if i did eat it, i betit wood taste liKe chiken.

My cuzin

That is a piktur of my cuzin, Nittany. I am sad bcuz my ant Ambie tole MoMy that she died lastm onth. I donot usuaLLy like dogs but she wus my cuzin and I am sad.

Momy sez Nittany was over 14 yeers old. I amglad she had a good llife. I sorry i di dnot get 2 meet her. Good bye cuzin Nittany.

Whare's the TUNA??

I am still 8 but i ddi not get tuna 2day. I got alot ofi t yesturDay but not any 2day. I do notun derstqand y nun 2day. I tryed 2 expalin to Momy thti wanted 2 tern 8 again but she didnot undurstand me.

I will try again latur cuz i cud realy usE some tuna. It is tastee and makes me purrrr.....

02 June 2007

8 is grEAt!

Now taht i have fin ished cahsing lizards I can rite sum more stuf. Being 8 is jsut like being 7 onlyolder. I do not feele any different. I looked at my reefleckshun in the glass and i look like i did yesTerday. but 2day i am 8!!!!!

Chasign lizards is hard wurk. They r fast and they can crawl intosmall places taht i do not fit in. Momy says i am chunkey but i thot that was only peenut butter. If i was going 2be peenut butter, i wood have to say i am smooth. That is bcuz i am SO COOL! Momyw ill probaly laff when she reads that...

Dady is sick with a cold. Momy says he is taking moren aps 2day then i do. Between u andme taht is a lOT of naps!!!!!!!!! I have been none to sleep all the ours of the day only geting up for kibble and litter box brakes. I think Dady mite be part simeze. Only he does nto speak simeze, he talks in 2 langwiges... englisch and jerman. Dady is from jermany and Momy sez that is REallY FaR AwAY. Tehy wint there a few monhts ago and i got 2 stay with my grandparents. I missed Momy and Dady but tehy came home and I was a hapPY kitTY!!

Being 8 is gREat! I had tuna for breckfist and i msut tell u that it was TAsTY! Momy even let me drink the joose from the can. I must b a reaLLy speshul kitty to get a hole can 4 just me! Maybe i will tern 8 again 2morrow... That way i willget more TUNA! Tuna is ThE BEsT food in teh entire uneevurs! I wood eat it all day if Momy woud letm e.

01 June 2007

Somebody make a comment!!

In less tahn 1/2 an hour i will be 8. 8 is good... even beter it rimes with GREAT!!! Like me! Soomebody, somewhere, please leve me a comment 'cause i am goinng 2 be 8 and GREAT!!!!


I turn 8 2morow!!

Yes, yes, indeedie do.... Or so i herd momy say... 2morow is my birthday and iwill be 8. That is more that 7 but lesst han 9. i outlived Boo Radley. He is burried in th e yard. I know because I sniffed him befour Momy dug the hole.

I did not like boo. He was a crazy kitten and wud eat anything but Momy said he was a good kitty. I am a good kitty so i know she must be rite. Momy does not tell storys that are not true. moMy tells the truth adn she knows where the tuna is.

Momy said i was named after jean louees finch from a book. She said the book is called 2 kill a mocking burd. I want 2 but Momy says it is a sin. She says it is in teh book. I do not know who jean loees is but I am Scout. I want to rule the univers!

Books are good. I like the piktures. They are easyer to pay attention 2 than the words. Words are hard because i grue up speaking Siameze. That is notl ike speaking human. Meow is allot easier 2 speak be cause it has1 word thta means al lot of difernt thingsl Human says allot of diffe rnt things al the time and is very cofnusing.

Alll i know is taht i want to eat, nap and poop. Not necesarily in taht oder.

Meow to you!

Hi!!My name is Scout and i am a7 year old simese kitty. I live with my Momy and Dady in a house. Momy says we liv in Hermitage Tennesce. She says it al official like and i see it on the mail taht comes to the house.

I can not raed realy good but i am going threw Hooked on Fonics and it is hleping me do a litle better. I think i am smart. I aslo think that i am prety. momy ALways tels me I have beeutiful I's. My colar maches my baby blues. Taht makees me SPECIAL. I did taht in all big leters becuz taht makes it more important. Like me.

Momy said she will take my portrit. I do not know waht taht means and I hope it does not mean i do not get tuna. Tuna is good and it is the MOST IMPORTnT fish i can rap my litle kitty brain aroudn. Yum..... Getting hungry jsut thinking about tuna... I can almost hear the can opener now.

Anyhoo, i am Scout and this is about ME! I hope u like it. If u do, i will share my mousie with u, if u do not, i mite just hiss at u. Do not take it 2 personaly, it is just my way. I am, after all, a kity.