27 February 2008

Earning my keep...

After getting into trouble, I think I am out of the proverbial dog house (thank goodness cuz it is for a dog you know, not a Meezer). I behaved all day today. Mommy says I was a "good girl" and deserved another tuna treat!!!

Maybe the uterus dance is not all I thought it was... I think I will save my moves for happy dances instead of getting launched from the bed. The tuna was DEFINITELY worth it!!!

26 February 2008

Meezer rule

If Mommy is sick, do not whap her head and do the uterius dance. This will get you launched from the bed and kicked out of the room....

Tuna Tuesday!!!

Mommy told me today that since I am being such a good Nurse Scouty to her that I deserved to be rewarded! That made me happy because Mommy is my favoritist person ever! I love Daddy, but I have been in Mommy's life longer than he has so she is my bestest bean! Guess what my reward was??!!?!?!!?!


Not just any tuna mind you, but albacore! I got half a can for breakfast this morning. In honor of this occasion, Mommy and I wrote a little song. Please sing it to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"...

Tuna, tuna, tasty fish
How I love you in my dish.

Eat it up, that was my goal.
Then I even licked the bowl.

Tuna, tuna, tasty fish
How I love you in my dish.

25 February 2008

Meezer Monday and an award from my love!

Happy Meezer Monday all! I am still being Nurse Scouty to the sicky poo Mommy; however, I wanted to get out and visit and tell you all hello!

In other news, my PAWSOME boyfriend's new brother Mar gave me this beautiful award!

I know lots of other kitties already have received it; however, I wanted to pass it along to Sammy, Miles and their new baby brother, Bill. Especially since I have learned much more about whapping from Sammy and his tactics.

23 February 2008

Abbie has been found!!

With Mommy having mono, I forgot to post that Abbie has been found and is safe at home.

Hip, hip hooray!!!

21 February 2008

Update on Mommy

Mommy is back down for the count again. She is back at home with me laying around and napping. I think she overdid things and now I have her back on the bed and couch with me. I have been renamed "Nurse Scouty". My duties include laying on Mommy, getting skritched, and snoozing when she does.

Mommy says my duties DO NOT INCLUDE playing thundering herds of elephants, attacking feet under the blankies, bunny kicking her when I want her to continue or stop skritching, and whapping her head.

Hmph! I will need to figure out if this is in my contract as the Meezer house cat! Stay tuned... I am sure there will be more drama from my Mama...

20 February 2008

Meezer rule

Hmpf! Mommy is a tad bit upset with me for something that happened last night…. Here is what happened…

Daddy had tucked Mommy and me into bed. It was around 10:00p. Mommy was tuckered out from her second day back at work since February 5th. Daddy still had some things to do around the house so he shut us into the room. I did my usual walk-a-about the room and then jumped up on Mommy for a skritch session and then we would both snooze the night away. According to Mommy, as soon as she drifted off something bad happened….

I swear I did not do it on purpose… But when ya gotta yak, ya gotta yak…. So what if it was on the duvet? It can go in the wash! Aren’t I more important? Well Mommy said it scared the “bejeebers” out of her and then I got launched from the bed while Mommy stripped things off and threw them in the wash. It wasn’t that much yak and I should not have been treated as such! I tried to do it quietly so I did not wake her up but you know Meezers are not exactly silent even when it comes to yakking.

My Meezer rule for the day is this:

It is your house, yak where you meeze.

18 February 2008

Meezer Monday 11

First the good news, Mommy is back at work! Now the bad…. That probably means she will be too *$%& tired to help me blog regularly for a bit. I will try and get her to by sitting in her lap and purring loudly so we will have to wait and see!

Happy Meezer Monday!!!

15 February 2008

Another award!!!

With the excitement of Valentine's Day and Mommy having mono, I have not been able to blog as much as I would like to.... A while back the wonderful Sam, Sabrina and Simon gave me this award!!

I am proud and honored they feel this way about me! I know many other kitties have been given this so I am uncertain who to give it to... I will have to nap on that one!

Thank you so much St. Louis Meezers!!!!

13 February 2008

Sing-a-long Thursday

To the tune of the "Oscar Meyer Weiner" song...

My valentine has a first name

It is H-E-N-R-Y

My valentine has a second name

It is H-E-L-T-O-N

Oh, I love to see him every day

And if you ask me why I'll saaaaayyy...

Cuz Henry Helton has way to make me purr all the day!!!!

No offense to Henry at all, but Mommy wanted all of you to scroll to the post below because Abbie is missing.

Abbie is missing!!!

This is Scout's Mommy writing because Scout is too distraught to tell you all that Abbie has been missing since the 6th of February. If you will go to the spot you can send a note to the Guy, Abbie's housemate. You can also check out to see if you live close by and have seen a 20lb Tuxie walking around...

On a much, much lighter note, if you want to see the Meezer rule for today either scroll down or visit Simply Siamese.

12 February 2008

Meezer rule

Mommy is still very sick with mono. The doctor has made her stay home since February 6th. She can not go back to work until the 18th. I am both happy and sad that Mommy is home. Happy because I can snuggle with her while she rests and sad because there may not be enough green papers to keep me in the style I am accustomed to....

My rule for today is this....

Snuggle with your Mommy for all you are worth. Healing purrs are the bestest medicine!

07 February 2008

thurzday thirtene

Here are 13 things I have learned since Mommy got mono...

1. She sleeps about 12-18 hours a day. Not the Meezer requird 22.
2. She does not appreciate having her feet attacked under the covers.
3. Playing thundering herds of elephants on the bed will get you kicked out the room.
4. Daddy is not as good as Mommy at keeping cubies in the water.
5. Whapping her head gets you yelled at.
6. Changing positions every 2 minutes gets you yelled at.
7. Snuggling and quietly purring get you petted which is better than being yelled at.
8. If you make enough biscuits in Mommy's hair she begins to resemble Don King.
9. Mistakenly drinking Gatorade for you what think is water is icky!
10. Bonus! There is no alarm clock to wake you up bright and early.
11. Daddy and my grandparents will both call a squillion times to see if Mommy is okay. This makes Mommy grumpy.
12. When Mommy gets the night sweats she will throw the heavy blankie on me and I have climb out.
13. Mommy won't play with me and that makes me sad.

04 February 2008

Kitty blessings

I am such a blessed kitty! I got another award from the wunnerful TT Girl. Just have a look at this!

This award goes to kitties who go that extra stretch to be a warm and caring kitty to their parents and others. I woulds likes to give this award to:

My wunnerful boyfriend Henry Helton
The always great twosome of Sammy and Miles
The pawsome Dr. Tweety
The lovely Kaze who is happy the lap lady is back!

Thank you TT!!! I am trying to make Mommy better from her mono. But she is not sleeping the Meezer required 22 hours a day so I don't know how long she will be sicky poo!

Meezer Monday 10

My Mommy is still really sick. She is sleeping about 12 - 18 hours a day..... I get to curl up with her most of the time so it is good. Therefore I have no good story for Meezer Monday but I wanted to check in to say hi.