19 December 2007

Meezer rule 8

** Scroll down for my Gotchaversary post from yesterday! **

Today for Meezer rule day I would like to discuss ribbons and bows. Yes, they are there to make the package pretty. I know that.

My rule for the day is this: If you do not want me to chew on the ribbons and bows, then put the presents out of reach for me. If you lay them on the ground under the tree they are fair game and, as a house cat I simply MUST chew them to add my own decorative touch.

18 December 2007

Party like it is 1999!!

Wowser! I can not believe that today is my 8th Gotchaversary!!! That means I have been with Mommy for 8 years or 96 months or 416 weeks or 2935 days! I came to my furrever home December 18, 1999! Zowie that is bunches and I have loved every minute of it!! Okay, every minute except any car trips or V-E-T visits, or when we moved into the new house, but that is a different story for another time.

I think I will tells you the story about how Mommy and me came to be a family…. It started with a tragedy. On December 13, 1999, Mommy had to have Pookie put down because unbeknownst to her, he was in the final stages of renal failure. Mommy was distraught and very, very sad. She held Pookie as he took his final breath and lovingly buried him in the back yard of her parents’ home. She bought a St. Francis statue to be his grave marker that has a small bird feeder attached. That way he would always have the birdies he loved so much near him. Mommy told me she missed Pookie something fierce and that her heart was breaking. She did not think she wanted another kitty.

But on December 18th, something made her decide to go to the humane society. She went and visited all the kitties who needed a furrever home. She played with them, snuggled and gave them skritches. She decided then that she needed a new kitty to love. She did not care if it was a kitten or an older kitty. She said she just knew that she had a lot of kitty love to give and a warm, cozy home with toys, food, water, affection and attention. But to Mommy’s disappointment she could not decide on a kitty and none of them “picked” her either. She was about to leave when the office manager came to speak to her.

Mommy told the office manager the story of Pookie. She then led Mommy into her office. There on the bulletin board was a photo of Pookie!! Along with it was a copy of his last will and testament where he left his estate to the humane society for kitties less fortunate than he had been. Mommy cried over that. But the office manager had another surprise in store for her. She wanted to introduce her to a kitty that was found in the Hermitage/Mt. Juliet area on December 13th (the day Pookie died). Mommy was a little taken aback because she lived in that area at the time. So the office manager went and fetched a 6 month old Meezer that they were going to keep as the office pet. The office staff had named this Meezer Precious. Well Precious just climbed up on Mommy’s lap, lifted her nose to Mommy’s ear and would not quit purring! Mommy got picked by a kitty!! It was love at first sight for all involved! Mommy paid the adoption fee and off we went…

Yes, I was once a humane society stray named Precious. Now I am a bonafide, certified house cat named Scout. My name comes from Mommy’s favorite book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I did not know that there was a guide book for kitties that taught you how to do that, I just thought it was instinct!

So that is my Gotchaversary story of how I came to be Mommy’s evil Siamese. I am happy in my furrever home and I loves my Mommy and Daddy very much! I am pampered, petted, groomed, fed, spoiled, but mostly I am loved a whole, whole lot!!

Mommy’s note: Scouty, I am so glad that we belong to each other! You have been a joy and are a great kiki. You always make me feel happy when you head butt, snuggle, purr, knead and love on me. You have excellent kitty communication skills and are always willing to chat with me. I enjoy that you are a lap kitty and like to beach yourself on me when I am sitting at the desk or in my chair. I get happy when we get ready for bed each night and go through our evening ritual of tucking one another in. I am proud to be your Mommy! I love you!

10 December 2007

Meezer Monday 6

Here is another “tail” of those who came before me…..

Mommy had a kitty that was a seal point Himalayan named Pookie. According to her he was not too bright but was a sweet, lovable boy. Pookie had several interests with one of the oddest being his affinity for smelly candles. He adored them and, when not burning, would nuzzle up to them and sniff away. He wasn’t too particular about scents either. He was equal opportunity.

Well one time Mommy lit a bunch of balsam pine scented candles around Christmas time. She did this as she was chatting away with a friend on the phone whom she had not spoken to in quite some time. Once Pookie realized there were smell candles available for the sniffing, he bolted up onto the counter where they were. That is when Mama heard a funny sizzling sound and then smelled that awful smell of burning hair! Pookie’s right set of whiskers (both by his nose and his “eyebrows”) were beginning to curl! He jumped down and began to run. Mommy told her friend (and I quote) “I have to go. My cat is on fire” and hung up the phone! She started up the stairs after Pookie who was sitting by his water bowl panting. He was a little singed around the rough of his fur but otherwise okay. Mommy had to do a little trimming to get the crispy parts of the fur away.

Mommy said the irony of the story is that this was not the first, nor the second but the THIRD time Pookie had done that! Pookie went over the bridge 8 years ago this week. I would have liked to have met my big brother the "pyromaniac".

07 December 2007

fifteen on friday

Today I should like to tell you fifteen things I like about this time of year. Before I do, I want to effury kitty Merry Christmas!! I know it is early, but I wanted to makes sure I got that message out to you all!

1. The boxes under the tree make purrfect places to relax.
2. The bows are fun to shred and chew!
3. Those shiny balls on the tree are fun to WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! Even when Mommy says “Stop it, Scout”.
4. There is a stocking over the fireplace with MY NAME on it! That means I will get temtayshuns or something else good just for me!
5. Mommy does extra cooking this time of year and there is always something tasty for me to nibble. She says I am her sous chef and taste-tester. That makes me happy!
6. Mommy has nice smelly candles burning and I likes that!
7. Mommy puts electric candles in the windows and I get to sit by them.
8. There is a funny little dressed up man sitting by the fireplace and I can talk to him all I want. Mommy says he is a nutcracker.
9. Mommy has not made me wear my Christmas scarf.... Yet...
10. I don't just have visions of sugar plums, I have sweet dreams of Henry Helton.
11. I love to meow along with all the music Mommy has playing.
12. There is fire going on in the fireplace and it makes for a toasty place to nap.
13. I know there will be milk and cookies out one night soon. I hope Santa does not mind if I "test" the milk for him...
14. I know at least one of the boxes under the tree is for me... I sit on it the most.
15. There is a package from Germany. I know it has lots of tasty treats in it. Whether or not I will get any remains to be seen.

What do you like about Christmas time? Let me know! I might learns something new to try out at home.

05 December 2007

Meezer rule 7

It is very important to always have a good spot to nap. If it is in the sunny spot, it is even better. If the sunny spot is not available then you have to improvise. That may mean being on the vent when the heater is on or beached on Mommy.

My Meezer rule for today is this:

Whatever you do, find prime real estate for your furry self. Even if it means “nesting” on Mommy’s duvet that just came back from the cleaners…

04 December 2007


I loves to eat! And I have been known to put my head in places it is not supposed to go. However, after reading this I am going to be much more careful!

03 December 2007

Meezer Monday 5

For Meezer Monday today, I am going to share another story of one who came before me… This time it is Judina, a tabby who lived with us when Mommy was a little girl. Mommy had three gold fishies named Winken, Blinken and Nod (from the child’s poem). One day, Winken disappeared. It upset Mommy. A bit later Blinken disappeared and eventually Nod. Mommy was never sure what happened to them; however, when she got older, Grandmama told her….

Grandmama found all three of them (one at a time) sucked dry under the dining room table. Apparently Judina liked her fishies very fresh! Grandmama said they looked flat, like Judina sucked the “juice” out of ‘em. Mommy has not has fishies since. That is too bad because I think I would likes them too!