30 November 2007

five on friday

Daddy’s little bean is here again. I have spoken of him here and here. Believe it or not, this time is not so bad. Today I am going to tell you five good things about the Bubbie...

1. He likes to brush me.
2. He is not chasing me this time.
3. He shared his vanilla ice cream with me.
4. He keeps my bowl of crunchies REALLY full.
5. He is good at pulling string.

Maybe I won't have to use any of these spots during his visit.

28 November 2007

Meezer rule 6

Since Thanksgiving is over and most of the leftovers have been eaten (not just by me, mind you), I thought I would tell you a rule about food left on a plate not watched by your (or any) beans...

If there are leftovers on a plate or if a plate is unattended and I get to it and steal a bite or three, I do not deserve to be yelled at for it. You are the one who was not guarding your food dish. It is not my fault that you left tempting goodies within the swipe of my lightening quick paw.


26 November 2007

Meezer Monday 4

For Meezer Monday, I want to share with you a story of Thanksgiving past. I am know I am a bit late but bear with me, please.

A few years ago, I had a kitty brother named Boo Radley. Boo was a wild child. He was an ankle biter, a hisser and had an odd habit of not wanting to put his paws on linoleum.

So, it is Thanksgiving and we are all at Grandmama’s house. This is before Mommy and Daddy were married so it was just Mommy and my grandparents, me and that crazy Boo Radley. Thanksgiving went on as usual. There were all the traditional tid bits and tasty treats for me and Boo. Of course it was all very nice!

Grandmama has a thing about stripping the turkey clean before putting away leftovers. She did this as she was cleaning up and there was a stripped down turkey carcass ready for the trash. Silly Boo kept looking at that carcass and meowing his fool head off. In one of those moments where you expect to see a cartoon light bulb over her head, Grandmama had an idea. She put that whole turkey carcass on the floor (linoleum, Boo’s favorite). He looked at her, looked at the turkey, back at her, etc. This went on for a moment or two when Boo had a realization…. It was all his!!! He commenced to chewing, eating, growling and even stuck his funny little head inside the turkey! Mommy watched him for about 15 minutes and said he looked like Mr. Bean. I don’t know who that is but it made Mommy laugh and laugh.

Mommy told me that eventually Boo was done. Or all that sleepy turkey druggy stuff kicked in because he fell asleep with one paw draped over the turkey. That is when Mommy took it from him and wiped off his lightly greased paws and head. He got over his fear of the kitchen floor then too.

Boo died suddenly in 2003. Mommy misses the crazy boy. I tolerated him as best I could but he was just so undignified that it is hard for a regal Meezer like me to put up with his shenanigans.

Count your blessing on Meezer Monday!

21 November 2007

Meezer rule 5

There are lots of interesting things around the house… Q-tips from the trash, little bits of string, bread twisties, you name it. Basically they are all little treasures and they are all mine!

My rule for today is that if it is in my mouth or if I am batting it around, it is mine. Please quit taking it from me.

20 November 2007


The fabulous Dr. Tweety of the Fab Five gave me an award!! I am so honored to receive this because Dr. Tweety makes me smile too! I am glad he thought of me.

Purrs to Dr. Tweety for this!

I am tagging the fabbo Myst and Muddy for this. Go see Muddy, he is sick!!

14 November 2007

Meezer rule 4

Yesterday another kitty snuck into my yard! My yard is MY territory and it is off limits unless you are an invited guest!

My rule for today is this:

It is okay to growl and hiss at other (uninvited) kitties in your territory. This is why beans call it a “hissy” fit. I know that because Mommy said so.

A bonus rule for today is it is okay to bite the hand that feeds you if they are tweaking your fanny too hard. Mommy says this is not true and that I am not supposed to give the bitey no matter what. Sometimes that is the only way I can communicate with her effectively though.

13 November 2007

Head butts

I am the queen of the head butt. I give them all the time. The first one of the morning is when Mommy’s alarm goes off. That means it is time for her to get up and pet me! It also (usually) means that there will be fresh crunchies in the bowl. Mmmm, crunchies!

I don’t get another chance again until Mommy comes home. As soon as I hear the garage door open I dash for the door to see Mommy come in. I tell her about my day and she bends down and gives me lovins! Then we go up the stairs so Mommy can get out of her work clothes. After that we usually check the status on crunchies and then the head buttin begins again. I will sit and head butt on Mommy’s lap for as long as she will let me. She always gets tired of this long before I do. But that’s okay because then Daddy will be home and it is his turn for a little kitty lovin.

Happy Scouty = Head Buttin love bug.

12 November 2007

Meezer Monday 2

One thing I wanna share with you on Meezer Monday is that family is important. It is good to know that my Mommy and Daddy love each other and me too! It makes for a happy, happy kitty to have a loving family life. It means I am more likely to get extra skritches!

Happy Meezer Monday!


07 November 2007

Meezer rule 3

I really likes to zip around the house…. Vroom!! Watch me go! Eat my furry dust!!

So without further adieu, my Meezer rule is that you absolutely, positively MUST beat any bean up OR down the stairs. It is important that you get there first. I have no idea why though….

05 November 2007

Meezer Monday 1

Happy Meezer Monday!

I am not really sure why Mommy thinks it is funny when I lay in different positions. Purrsonally I find this very comfy and relaxing.

02 November 2007

five on friday

Here are five things I plan on doing today…

1. Find the sunny spot and sleep in it (while dreaming of Henry Helton).
2. Find the pink mouser I whapped under the fridge.
3. Sneak around looking for temtayshuns.
4. Beach myself on Mommy when she gets home.
5. Stare out the window looking for LIZARDS!!

What fun plans do you have for Friday?

01 November 2007

I only hunt bugs...

When Mommy showed me this it made me glad I only hunt bugs! Okay, I admit I also hunt my nip mousers, feet that move under covers, string, shadows, and my favorite... LIZARDS!!!!!