28 June 2007

thurzday thirtene

My new friend, Daisy doez this each week and todays me thouts i'd play along to...

1. me thinks tunas shud be revered as godz.
2. vackyooms shud be ill eagle.
3. win i bites the brush u needz to stop.
4. do lizzards taste like chickun?
5. why does the ice cubbies disappearz from my water?
6. hoo keeps cleaning out my box? i just made a deposit.
7. luminum foyel is bad.
8. ware did all teh mousies go?
9. i am cat, natures huntur.
10. why cant i claw on the furnycher?
11. get the othur cat offa my deck!
12. hummingbirdies iz faaaaaast! vroooom!
13. what iz rong wif nappin 22 hourz a day?

26 June 2007

simun sez

momy suggestd taht i onlee uze teh small letterz cuz it makestuf ezier 2 read. i thot bout it adn she iz rite. that way idonot hafta uze taht shifty butten and itiz mcuch simplyer 4 me todoo. momy alwayz trys2 help me out 2m ake thingz ez. that iz anuther reasun me luvs momy! well that and tuna in my fud bole.

on a seprete note nolizzard today becuz of rain. thare iz always 2morrow, after all 2morrow iz anothur day...

25 June 2007

RoUnd BroWn MoUnd of SoUnd

I be a TaD bit pudgEE. And i liKes 2 meow. I likES it aLot! SumtiMez i meow juSt 2 besure i sTiLl can. SumTimez itz becuz me liKes the souNd of my oWn meow. OthEr times itis BeCuz tHe fUd bole is EmPty. BaD wIn that happEns. EmPty bole = HunGree, SaD, maD, Scout. ThAt is waRe I gotz tHe naMe the evil Siamese.

20 June 2007


I haz a CoFF. It is kiNDa wurryin MoMy. She sez i mITe be a goin to the VeT. ThAt is a scarey, ScArEy plaCe anD i donwaNNa go.

Buy i hAz a coFf.

I stIll be a luV muFFin cuz I doNot feel 2 gud.

19 June 2007

DubBle duBBle tOil and TruBBle

StiLL a lUv muFFin.... All Smuggledup anD waiTin 4 moRe.

I wiLL eventaLLy DrOOl....

I LuV b ing a KiTTy.

I ROCK (and RoLL).

liZzards B dammed.

18 June 2007

I be a LuV muFFin

I jsut be SNUGGLIN wif Momy and I B loVin everyminit Of it......

No liZZard, no buGGies, no tuna...

Just Hanginwif Momy....

Life is gUd.

12 June 2007

I gots nuttin'

I wus bOaRD 2day and donot Have netHINg 2 say.

No LiZZurds 2 chase anD no BugS 2 cHEw. I B 1 boARd kiki...

I got nuTTin heRe.

11 June 2007

i be a Bit DisTUrbeD

I didnot KacH teh LiZZard. Itis DisTuBBing 2 me.

MayB 2morrrow. LizaRds r gUd 2 chaSe. I donot nO hOW They tASte. I likE tuNa and scince Diet beSt. SuM buGs are ok 2.

LiZArd ALurt

YESturdayy i saw nOt 1 but 2 lizArds! Xsited? U becha! MoRe 2 chasse aROund and antagonIzxe. GrATe fuN by me!

Even butter, tHey weer the BlaCK kindwiththeBluetAIL. 1 weNt unduR teh da haus aNd me ThinKs I neEd to go undur AfTer the beaSt. Momy said No Scout to meoWs teLLing her i need toGo af tur LizArd.


09 June 2007

AvOYdin tHes unni SpOt

Itis VarY HOT ouTisde... I fOund me Sum shhadE 2 ReSt mys self. UsallY i lIke 2lay N teh ssunnispot wehn i Am inSiDe "da haus" but 2dayy itis 2 dARN hot.

I thINk i neEds a Nap.

08 June 2007


MoMy sez i lUk likea vulture. SHe sezz taHt is a buRd. HelLO peepul! I like 2 EaT buRds and idonot tHiNK i lOOkl ike 1. wHat do u tiHnk? DrOP me alIne annd lEt me KnoW waHt u tihink. VulTure oR cat?

I am CaT, NaTurEsHuNTer!!

07 June 2007

MI wUrd of tha DaY...

DaDy is jerMan and LiKe myMomy duz ONHer blOg, im doiNg a wUrD 4 2day...

ITis der Thunfisch aNd ofCorsethat is TUNA!!! Taht isthe BesTest FuD everr!!!

If oNLy i cud herE tah can oPENer thEn myl ifee wood B ssoo guD!!

06 June 2007

Thought you should see what I am doing today...

I no MoMY has a MeoWGrain but i STiL waNNa go outside. I toluraIDed haviNg my pictur toOK Bcuz it gotthedoor 2 OpeN anD taht is vary vary GOOD Bcuz it maens chassing LiZARds! Go me!

SoRRy Momy is SicK but she sTil put fUD in my bowl and waTER with ICecUBEs n it 2. MoMy wiLL problY goto bed soOn and i waNNa cuRl up with HeR.

05 June 2007

LiTTl#E mISs PuksalOT waNts SuM LUv

If U reED tHis, pLeasE maKe a coMMEnt cuZ Ilo ve Herring FrOm PeePul... I knOw it is BeGGing but i 8 (and puKEd up) teh beeTle 2day and i wan tsomee atTenshUn. AnD to quotE the soNg, "aint2prowd 2 beG"....

ThInk i need 2throwup a Gain. It wus a REAlY big buG. Jsut ask Momy... ORe teh cArpEt.... wOOlite any1?

PukKInG taks alot ouTof a Grll

THRoWing UP tEh bug took ALoT of eforT and i am reLy TIrED! Naptime 4 EverY1!

I now tHInK teh onlee Beatle I liKe is JOrGE. tHEOtHer 3 r o k 2.

I 8 a bug....

I was bord, itw as tehere beGIng 4 me 2 eat it. It was crunchee. If it ddi not WaNT me 2 eat it it sshud have run faster. I am cat, natures huNTEr... Beeware!! U caNNot say i didntwarn u.

Thats aLL ive got - time to NaP with a beLLy fullof buG.

UPDATE 6:11p (CST) - Momy camehome 2 FinD the bug REmaINs at the FoOt of stares... It jsut WoOd nots tay down...

StOOpid BuG.

04 June 2007

Lookin' like a pRInSeSS

I am stylin and profilin... I look SaSSY!! This is what im talkin bout cuz i think i look gud... U canno tsee my flabee parts and taht makes me one happy kiki.

Now taht i am done with my cvoershot i ThiNK i wilL go chase a liZArd... That is how i am WoRKinG on the flab... 1 lizard ata time.

03 June 2007

What's a kitty gotta do for a nap round here?

I got 2 go out 4 a bit. Cahsing lizards is HaRD work and i am pooped out. I wint to lay on the Bubie's bed and cach a few Zzzzzz's

Lo and bEhOLd, here comes Momy with the camara and itk ept flashing and it enterupted nap time.

At lease i look prety...

I want 2 go outsiDe!!

Whats teh deal with the screan door?! I wanna go OUTSiDE!! Their r lizards that rekwire chasing and i am jsut the kitty 2 do it. Curse the screan door!! If i could i woOd claw and naw my way tHRu it to cahse lizards.

I do not wnat 2 eat it, just chase... but if i did eat it, i betit wood taste liKe chiken.

My cuzin

That is a piktur of my cuzin, Nittany. I am sad bcuz my ant Ambie tole MoMy that she died lastm onth. I donot usuaLLy like dogs but she wus my cuzin and I am sad.

Momy sez Nittany was over 14 yeers old. I amglad she had a good llife. I sorry i di dnot get 2 meet her. Good bye cuzin Nittany.

Whare's the TUNA??

I am still 8 but i ddi not get tuna 2day. I got alot ofi t yesturDay but not any 2day. I do notun derstqand y nun 2day. I tryed 2 expalin to Momy thti wanted 2 tern 8 again but she didnot undurstand me.

I will try again latur cuz i cud realy usE some tuna. It is tastee and makes me purrrr.....

02 June 2007

8 is grEAt!

Now taht i have fin ished cahsing lizards I can rite sum more stuf. Being 8 is jsut like being 7 onlyolder. I do not feele any different. I looked at my reefleckshun in the glass and i look like i did yesTerday. but 2day i am 8!!!!!

Chasign lizards is hard wurk. They r fast and they can crawl intosmall places taht i do not fit in. Momy says i am chunkey but i thot that was only peenut butter. If i was going 2be peenut butter, i wood have to say i am smooth. That is bcuz i am SO COOL! Momyw ill probaly laff when she reads that...

Dady is sick with a cold. Momy says he is taking moren aps 2day then i do. Between u andme taht is a lOT of naps!!!!!!!!! I have been none to sleep all the ours of the day only geting up for kibble and litter box brakes. I think Dady mite be part simeze. Only he does nto speak simeze, he talks in 2 langwiges... englisch and jerman. Dady is from jermany and Momy sez that is REallY FaR AwAY. Tehy wint there a few monhts ago and i got 2 stay with my grandparents. I missed Momy and Dady but tehy came home and I was a hapPY kitTY!!

Being 8 is gREat! I had tuna for breckfist and i msut tell u that it was TAsTY! Momy even let me drink the joose from the can. I must b a reaLLy speshul kitty to get a hole can 4 just me! Maybe i will tern 8 again 2morrow... That way i willget more TUNA! Tuna is ThE BEsT food in teh entire uneevurs! I wood eat it all day if Momy woud letm e.

01 June 2007

Somebody make a comment!!

In less tahn 1/2 an hour i will be 8. 8 is good... even beter it rimes with GREAT!!! Like me! Soomebody, somewhere, please leve me a comment 'cause i am goinng 2 be 8 and GREAT!!!!


I turn 8 2morow!!

Yes, yes, indeedie do.... Or so i herd momy say... 2morow is my birthday and iwill be 8. That is more that 7 but lesst han 9. i outlived Boo Radley. He is burried in th e yard. I know because I sniffed him befour Momy dug the hole.

I did not like boo. He was a crazy kitten and wud eat anything but Momy said he was a good kitty. I am a good kitty so i know she must be rite. Momy does not tell storys that are not true. moMy tells the truth adn she knows where the tuna is.

Momy said i was named after jean louees finch from a book. She said the book is called 2 kill a mocking burd. I want 2 but Momy says it is a sin. She says it is in teh book. I do not know who jean loees is but I am Scout. I want to rule the univers!

Books are good. I like the piktures. They are easyer to pay attention 2 than the words. Words are hard because i grue up speaking Siameze. That is notl ike speaking human. Meow is allot easier 2 speak be cause it has1 word thta means al lot of difernt thingsl Human says allot of diffe rnt things al the time and is very cofnusing.

Alll i know is taht i want to eat, nap and poop. Not necesarily in taht oder.

Meow to you!

Hi!!My name is Scout and i am a7 year old simese kitty. I live with my Momy and Dady in a house. Momy says we liv in Hermitage Tennesce. She says it al official like and i see it on the mail taht comes to the house.

I can not raed realy good but i am going threw Hooked on Fonics and it is hleping me do a litle better. I think i am smart. I aslo think that i am prety. momy ALways tels me I have beeutiful I's. My colar maches my baby blues. Taht makees me SPECIAL. I did taht in all big leters becuz taht makes it more important. Like me.

Momy said she will take my portrit. I do not know waht taht means and I hope it does not mean i do not get tuna. Tuna is good and it is the MOST IMPORTnT fish i can rap my litle kitty brain aroudn. Yum..... Getting hungry jsut thinking about tuna... I can almost hear the can opener now.

Anyhoo, i am Scout and this is about ME! I hope u like it. If u do, i will share my mousie with u, if u do not, i mite just hiss at u. Do not take it 2 personaly, it is just my way. I am, after all, a kity.