30 July 2007

hep me!!

oh no!! daddy's little bean is here!! he is six. he will be seven tomorow. i am older. he is stickee and likes to tuch me. mommy sed no hisses so i tries to run and hide but he finds me! then he tuches me with stickee hands. he is big too. almost as big as mommy (she is what beans call short). he bilds forts and makes a speshul room for me but i still needs to hide, hide, hide!!

he wants to tuch me, but like i sez, he is stickee!!

hep, hep, small blonde bean is in MY howse!! must go hide!!

27 July 2007

proverb meme

i was tagged by henry helton

It’s a proverb meme. Here is what a proverb is:

A proverb is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of mankind. They are often metaphorical.

my proverb is as follows:

give a kitty a fish and she eats today. give a kitty a can opener and she eats tuna everyday.

i think that is good cuz it means tuna, tuna, tuna!! yay!

A lot of kitties have been tagged already, but I think that I will tag TT, Daisy and Muddy.

26 July 2007

pet me!!

i am sitting here wayting to be petted. insted i get the flashee thingee poyntid at me! i am cute! pet me! give me a temtayshun! give my head skritches! give me a nip mouse! anything but the flashee thingee!

ok, done posing... time to head butt mommy...

22 July 2007

the mitee huntress

heer i am in the big outdores looking for stuff to chase. you can tell that it is like the forest or willdurness becuz of the big plants and grass. never mynd the wood behind me, that is the trees in the big outdores.

i am looking for lizzards, froggies and other things that are good to chase and possyblee yummy to my tummy.

shhhh, be vary qkwyet... i need to have all my centses on full alyrt!!! i will update you later if i get anything gud.

18 July 2007

eye see you!!

i see you wif my beeyoutifull blue eye!!

mommy haz brown eyes and daddy haz blue like me! so i gess you cud say i have my daddy's eyes. i am a daddy's gurl, but i am more a mommy's gurl. i sit in her lap all the tyme and like to snuggle wif her and sleep on her side of our bed. it is our bed cuz we all sleep in it. i am told that i take up the most room. i think that meens that i am the most importint!

look into my beeyoutifull blue eye and i will hipnotise you wif my simeze kitty mojo.

17 July 2007

Henry Helton nomunated me!!

i am soooooooooooo excited!! i gotz nomunated for an award by nu frind Henry Helton!! i am happy and am one smitten kitten me-ow!!

so here are the rules:

"As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability 'to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.' Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

Here are the rules: Each award winner is to display the badge on the sidebar of his blog with a link to the post which contains the explanation of the award, then nominate five bloggers to receive the award. This is the hard part, nominating five kitties. I think that all kitties have been nominated already, but I am going to go ahead and nominate some kitties even though they already have the award and they are
TT, Prince Muddy Paws, Max and Buddah and Maddie.

i did the cutz and payst from Henry Helton's blog sews all the spelling is korrekt.

nu alirt to wach owt for!!

i lirned abowt the awful vishus tertuls from Skeezix. thank you for making all of us awear of the evil tertuls!

i wanted to tell everyone abowt anudder threat on kitties.... monkeees!!! aparintly they are steeling things in korea. i do not want my fancee collur snatched!!

everybody needz to be rilly carefull of vishus deer, vishus tertuls and theefing monkeees! tell all your frends!!

15 July 2007

showin off my collur

my frend Skeezix left a commint for me bowt my collar maching my pritty blue eyes. so i thot i wud put a foto showing how fansee it rilly iz wif the sparkily dimonds.... so vary pritty if i do say so myself.

foto shute

i was nappin (watt's nu?) and then all the sudden i reeched owt. mommy thot i wuz askin for the flashee thingee. so she pikt it up and we had a small sesshun.

heer i am lookin glamerus, dont you agree?

i wuz movin and mommy took this won...

i desided to lay back down...

why did mommy take this foto?!

12 July 2007

thurzday thirtene

today i will share wif you in bloggyland 13 thingz I wud like to do on my somer vakayshun.

1. go shopping for tuna
2. katch a lizzard.
3. nap
4. play wif my nip mowse
5. wach da birdees
6. look out da winders
7. eat tuna
8. take anudder nap
9. find da sunnie spot
10. run arownd for no aparint reazon
11. cleen beehind my eers
12. cach the red dot on the wall and floor
13. dreem abowt ware mommy hidez the temtayshuns

hey, i just relized i can do all this at home! that is gud cuz i do not like to ride in the awtomobeel.

11 July 2007

i am an onlee kitty

i do not haf brudders and sissies. for those of you that do, i thot i wood give you a linky dinky do to hep you wif the new adishun.

i hope mommy does not reed this and get iny brite idears!! hint, hint, hint.

if she doz get anudder kitty, i get tuna every day to kompinsate me for mintal dis tress. i will even haf da v-e-t rite a note to say so.

lookie here!

mommy maniged to yoos the flashee thingee to take this foto of my taysty frend. okay, to be onist, i do not rilly no if is taysty but i wood not mind finding out!!

it wuz just too kwik for me. dang!

Daisy sez the tayels are grisselee. I wud like to no taht for myself, thank you vary much.

I hope you injoy mommy's foto of my fewture snak, ur, i mean "friend".

10 July 2007

a tail of 2 kitties

mommy red me a storee that skairt me a liddle.... i think i is gonna wach owt for boxes for awile.

dis wood me me run to!

07 July 2007

i like chikken, not this....

git it off me. i like lizzardz and tuna, not "foul" thingz. hep me! i think i am beeng attakd!!

give me nip or give me.... TUNA!!!

y is a stufed anymal gitting me? y is mommy using the flashee thingee and laffing? i need a momint.

pardun me wile i make frends wif my lytter box.

Kermit invaded my territory!!!!

furst he tryd to excape by climming away. did not worx. i still kept sniffin and chassin. i just wanted a littel tayst. no chuwing. just a tayst or fife. stoopid froggy wood not couoperate. reptilez are silly that way.

and it jumpz!!! taystee and jumpy yay!!!!

it mooved agin.

mommy wuz upsit i wood not stay rownd the flashee thingee to be in the foto. sorry mommy!

the best part wuz win it jumped onto daddy's head. kool!

stil did not get to tayst it. silly kermit.

05 July 2007

thurzday thirtene

todaze thirteen iz bout thingz i likes to eet...

1. tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna
2. syence dyet cat fud
3. filay minyon
4. temtayshuns
5. tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna, tuna
6. pizza krust
7. cheez
8. whatevver is on mommy's plate
9. lizzards... ok, i have not eeten one.... yet....
10. sketti
11. i's creme
12. turkee at thxgiving
13. did i mention i like tuna?

04 July 2007

i dragged da lap top under da bed

i iz skairt. there are fire boomers going all round my howse. skairt, skairt, skairt. i has a rige of fuzz going on my back. mommy callz it my dynosar. skairt, skairt, skairt. lotz of big noyses. do not like and it needz to stop cuz i donot know if my hart can take much more.

do not think i like today vary much. skairt!

mommy shud bring tuna to me as tharipee.

did i menshun i am skairt?

happy indypindance day!

mommy sez today is a holly day and that is why she and daddy are home wif me. she sez today is America's birfday but i do not sees any cake. i thought that there was cake at birfday partyz. maybe there will tuna instead. mmmmmm, tuna.

this is me looking outs the door. i am checking for lizzards. lizzards need to be chased and i am the rite cat for the job. i am not too sertin the lizzards like tho but that is the lizzards problem.

have a safe and happy holly day. if you have fire boomers please do not come around my house. i do not like lowd noises cept for me lowd meow. thats different.