30 September 2007

christmas meme

The Christmas Meme

I was tagged by my very attractive friend, Henry Helton for the Christmas Meme. It is just around the corner, you know?!

What is your favorite gift?
Tuna please... However, I also enjoy nibbling on the ribbons and bows. Don't tell Mommy, please.

What is your best memory of Christmas?
Climbing into the tree and chewing on an ornament. Mommy looked for the photo for me so I oould post it but she could not find it.

Depending on where you live, do you have a hot or cold Christmas?
We have had record heat and drought here in Nashville. Usually it is cold at Christmas. It's been so hot I forgot what cold feels like... Unless I sit on the air vent which makes Mommy laugh.

Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least once?
No, I usually like the weather in Tennessee. Particularly during lizard season!

What do you prefer in a tree, fake or real?
Real. They smell nice and are easier to climb.

What is your favorite carol?
Mommy said Burnett... I don't even know what that means...

What is your favorite Christmas Dinner?
Do I even have to answer that?! I am sticking with Henry's answer.

Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas?
I only wear a pretty Christmas collar. Hats and I do not get along.

Have you seen Santa delivering gifts?
I tried to climb into the fire place once and Mommy yelled at me. I haven't tried again since. I do not usually stay up late.

I am tagging my awesome friend TT.

25 September 2007

I am not ready for football no matter what Hank says...

Here are some reasons I do not like football:

It makes mommy yell

When mommy jumps out of her chair I fall off of her lap.

I don’t like beer and that is what mommy drinks during games.

Daddy asks too many questions. Mommy says this is because where he grew up football is soccer. I don’t even know what soccer is and I really don’t think I care because it would probably make daddy yell and that is scary too.

The phone rings a lot. Usually it is mommy’s parents wanting to know if she saw what they saw on tv. I don’t like phones. Too loud.

There is no tuna fish involved. Mommy had something she called nachos but they were crunchy with cheese and something green and strong smelling on them. I only eat green grass when the mood hits me and I need to throw up.

Mommy said there are teams with kitty mascots but I am not sure I believe her. Would that be the San Antonio Siamese? Maybe then I could watch.

Does anyone know when the craziness ends? There was football on at the house Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. That was three days of torture.

Mommy says it’s all good cuz her team won last night. I guess that makes it a bit better. Maybe I will get temtayshuns for putting up with her silliness.

21 September 2007

five on friday

since i missed thursday thirteen this week i thought i would give you my five favorite friday activities

1. in the sunny spot
2. crunching on the science dietsleeping
3. knocking around the nip mouser
4. bunny kicking a stuffed animal or three
5. looking out the door (gotta keep an eye out for lizards)

i am glad it is friday because that means mommy and daddy will be home with me and there is a better chance of tuna and temtayshuns!! yummy!

18 September 2007


i was attacked. not by a vishus annymul but by frozen water. i have a medal i wear around my collar (yes, i am a prissy girl) and when mommy put fresh cubies in my water i had to go take a drink right away... well one thing lead to another some of the cubies got stucked on my medal!!

i looked up at mommy and then i shook my head really hard and a cubie flew off. there were still three more stuck to me. i had to walk with my front paws really far apart so the cubie would touch me as little as possible. at this point mommy started laughing at me. that hurt my feelings but i was more concerned about getting the cubie off my collar.

i shook my head hard again... nothing. mommy hollered for daddy at this point who came running down the stairs. i shook my head again and presto! no more cubie!! daddy was sorry he missed the show and laughed when mommy told him what happened.

humiliation aside, i got some temtayshuns for it. that makes for a happy ending.

13 September 2007

nice matters

the very handsome henry helton nominated me for the nice matters award... as if he doesn't make me purr enough...


i am nominating my friend TT and my other friend Daisy the fashion-plate. They are both very nice girls and i would love to meet them both!!


mommy has been sad lately. she has what she calls "the blues". i sit on her lap and purr, purr, purr and she gives me skritches and give her head butts. she tells me she loves me but she has been so sad. daddy does all he can to make her feel better too.

please go give her head butts so she will know everything is okay. it’s been rough enough that daddy had to help me with the ‘puter today.

thurzday thirtene

Here is a list of 13 toyz I like:

1 nip mousie!!
2 string
3 assorted bugs that get in the house
4 my pink fuzzy ball
5 my shadow
6 whatever moves under the covers
7 the big bear on the bubbie’s bed
8 the ice cubies in my bowl
9 the red laser pointy thingee
10 my own tail (makes mommy and daddy laugh)
11 shoe strings
12 butterflies
13 lizards!! (my all time fave!!!!!)

11 September 2007

i haz a bad habit

i chews my paws... i hope henry helton still gives me purrs!!

i do not know why i do this.. mommy calls it a nervus habit... what do i have to be nervus about? i am an only kitty and am well loved, well fed and get lots of skritches. i just do this...

07 September 2007

hello, it's me

i am sorry i have not been around much lately. sometimes mommy closes the ‘puter when she is done and since i do not have thumbs i can not open it up to write. but today i noticed she left it up when she went to work so i thought i would take the opportunity to write a bit today and catch up on reading cuz i have not read any other kitty blogs in a week and i am behind.

today is going to be a good day becuz we iz supposed to get some rain. i really do not like water all that much (cept for in my bowl) but mommy sez we really do needs it becuz of the drowt in tennessee. so if it makes mommy happy, it makes me happy becuz a happy mommy is more likely to give me tuna to celebrate.

mmmmmm, tuna…..

ok, time for my nap, perchance to dream of tuna…..