24 October 2007

Meezer rule 1

I knocked a lot of stuff off of the dresser yesterday. It felt good. It made me feel alive… That is until Mommy got home and saw all her knick-knacks Scouty whacked…. Mommy collects mini enamel teapots and they make a nice noise when you smack them and the little tops of them go flying! Wheeeeee! Plus when I sit up there I am tall.

Mommy tells me I am a “floor cat” and that I am supposed to stay off of the counters and tables. Where is the fun in that I ask you? I much prefer being up on things even if it is against the rules.

Cause the meezer rule is this.... I am a meezer cat. It is my job!


The Meezers said...

yes, whapping is the main job of a meezer!

Daisy said...

Knocking stuff around is very fun! I walk on all the tables and counters. Even though I am not really supposed to.

Ariel said...

Lol...You have a rebel side. It's a kitty's job for sure :)

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Floor cat? Pshaw...I'm a wall climbing, table sleeping, stuff whacking nightmare!


Fab five said...

Hi Scout!

Oh, you are another funny meezer. I yam happy to meet you. t leastee my brudder will not be da only meezer to do naughty tingz. I tink dis in your nature az meezerz. But you looks furry cute even if you iz somewhat naughty!

-Dr Tweety

Scout said...

Meezers: Mommy said if a score was given in whapping, I would have an A+!

Daisy: Sometimes it is fun to be naughty and do what you not ‘posed to!

Ariel: I never thought of it as a rebel side, but I will take that as a compliment, thank you!

Latte: Me too! Mommy says I’m crazy! I take that as a compliment like what Ariel said about being a rebel. Thanks!

Dr. Tweety: I am definitely naughty… But I can also be nice!

TT said...

I's have just starteds to gets on the table. Mommy bean says dont tells the male bean cuz he'ds get mad. hehe

Henry Helton said...

I love to knock stuff off of tables. It is one of my most favorite activities.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

that IS a meezer rule indeed! You have the 100% right idea!

grandefille said...

I whap-whapped The Loud Little One this weekend. I was on my pillow with them to take a nap and she kept poking me after mommy told her to quit. So I whap-whapped her on her arm. And she quit, but she kind of cried. I didn't hurt her, I just whap-whapped her! My claws wern't out. Mommy told her if she poked me again, she would have to sit on the naughty pillow. I would laugh at that. And mommy told me later that she was sorry for the poking.

I like The Loud Little One most times. She's nice.

Unless she's yelling. Or poking.

Scout said...

TT: I am glad you discovered the fun of tables and counters!!

Henry: It is one of my most favorites too! * Purrs *

HRH Yao-Lin: Thank you! I think all Meezers agree on this rule.

Grandfille: No poking is a rule at my house too. But the sticky boy sometimes refuses to listen and then I have to run and hide where no one can find me.